Welcome to my website! While you're here, you can get an overview of some of the work that I've done on My Portfolio page, get a more in-depth look at the video games that I've worked on on My Games page, learn more about my background on the About Me page, and learn about Extra Life and how you can help this good cause on the Extra Life page. You can also get updates about me, my projects, and my efforts to help support Extra Life in the What's New section of this page below.

What's New?

A GIF for the Dual Pong game that shows a variety of gameplay in the beginning, 
	and the game title at the end.  This GIF plays repeatedly.

- Dual Pong is now available on Itch! You can also try out the free demo on the Web. I plan on trying to release this game on some other gaming platforms as well. I also eventually plan on working on some other video game projects that I have in mind.

- Dual Pong has been Greenlit! Thanks to everyone who made this possible. I really appreciate it.

- I'm still trying to raise both money and awareness for Extra Life. I first started doing this on October 25th of 2014, and I plan on doing this long term.